Our Story

Our story begins with a simple cup of coffee and a sincere conversation.

Sarah Pate and Tom Crane realized over that cup of coffee that they both had the desire to build a company that filled a very obvious void in the marketplace. EXPERT PERSONALIZED SERVICE provided by qualified experienced professionals.

They wanted to put together a team that would deliver EXPERT PERSONALIZED SERVICE to their clients in all phases of the commercial real estate process. The Partners knew what was missing in the market because both have been in the industry for over 30 years. They became acquainted when both partners worked at J. H. Ewing early in their careers. Their conversation was from an experienced and sincere concern for their clients.

In 2011, Sarah Pate & Tom Crane formed CPR Partners, LLC. They have steadily grown. Which confirms that clients were hungry for a company that took their property investment challenges to heart, and focused on maximizing their portfolio dollars. CPR Partners LLC continues to deliver EXPERT PERSONALIZED SERVICE to all their clientele!