Amanda Bucha

Real Estate Agent

Amanda Bucha is the newest member of the CPR Partners, LLC, team. Her decision to join CPR team came out of a desire to work with the best. She felt the experience and dedication she saw from the CPR team was something special and she wanted to be a part of it.

Amanda is a University of Georgia graduate with a BA in Fabric Design. You might ask “How did she then decide on real estate?’. The same process of design can be seen all through the real estate industry. Matching people to buildings and spaces. Scaling dollars and cents to meet budgets. Working through production can be very similar to the development of a commercial building. Just using different tools. But think of the ability Amanda has to visualize your dream real estate product.

Amanda is married with one adorable daughter, and another child on the way. Amanda is a family oriented women. Her contributions to her family are reflected in her day to day business life. That same dedication and enthusiasm comes through for her clients.

Amanda knows commercial real estate success is developed through partnerships, solving challenges and working through the unexpected. She is prepared to go the distance for her clients. She chose commercial real estate for that very reason. The challenge!

If you are looking for a commercial realtor that will support you every step of the process, Amanda is the right Agent to choose.