Bonnie Hamlin

Real Estate Agent

Bonnie Hamlin brings many years of experience and expertise to the CPR Partners, LLC. She has been with the company for many years and in that time has acquired excellent follow through skills. Her clients can count on her!

Bonnie is a licensed real estate agent in good standing with the Board of Realtors. She has met all requirements that allow her to serve as an agent in the state of Georgia.

Large or small properties, Bonnie goes after them with the same determination and focus. What matters to Bonnie is that she provides a superior level of service to all her clients. Based only on the fact they are her clients. The size of property does not dilute her efforts to find the best solution to the client’s needs.

Bonnie was an Army brat, traveling extensively nationally and internationally. This offered Bonnie the chance to broaden her educational experience and develop in ways many of us only dream of. Such a life experience is very beneficial and has allowed her to bring unique approaches to challenging situations, that most would not be prepared or ever think of.

Bonnie is a family woman. Her husband, children and home are of great importance to her. She is devoted to enhancing her families lives and offer them experiences and perhaps adventures she herself enjoyed.

Bonnie is professional, knowledgeable, dedicated, ready and willing to help you in your search for the right property for you! She will support you every step of the journey. She is very familiar with how overwhelming these business decisions can be, and what they may mean in your life.