Sarah J. Pate CSM

Co-Owner & Broker

Sarah J. Pate, CSM, is Co-Owner & Broker of CPR Partners LLC. She brings years of commercial real estate experience to the company, staff, and clients.

She is licensed, certified and in good standing with the Real Estate Board and other certifying bodies. She is a member of the International Council of Shopping Centers (CSC), along with other professional and civic organizations.  Sarah is active in her industry and community.

Sarah was born and raised in the great state of Ohio. With her parents and five siblings. After graduating with honors, Sarah moved to Georgia where she began her professional career.  Sarah is a proud mother of two adult daughters and two beautiful grandchildren. A dedicated family woman, wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, cousin, Sarah is involved and present in her families lives. She brings that same commitment to her business.

Sarah’s corporate savvy and leadership skills have been honed by her years with large corporate real estate companies. Eventually, her entrepreneurial spirit won out and she started SeArrow Realty Inc. However, after 10+ years, Sarah partnered with Tom Crane and CPR Partners LLC was born. That was five years ago, and their dream of expert personalized service lives and continues to grow!

Sarah has taken all she learned in her early years and applied many of the skills from the corporate world. She mixed them with her own brand of service, client partnership and focused on enhancing the commercial real estate experience for her current clients. It has proven very successful!

Sarah is committed to provide the very best service to her clients. She constantly updates, educates and develops new market building procedures that give her client’s portfolios every opportunity to thrive!

If you are looking for the best.  Sarah J. Pate CSM is waiting to deliver!