Terri Coffelt

Agent/Property Manager

Terri Coffelt brings years of experience to her position. She has a strong dedication and drive to professionally serve and solve her clients’ challenges.

Terri is licensed and in good standing with the Real Estate Board. She strives to bring consideration, concern and solutions to those she works with. Terri is an effective communicator and she will not shy away from handling any situation that is presented, good or bad.

Terri was raised in northernĀ Arizona. She acquired her education there, but shortly after graduation she married and moved to Georgia. Terri is a proud and loving mother of 3 children. Her dedication to her family, children, friends and community is impressive.

Terri has the experience and training to walk the fine line of tenant satisfaction and property owner satisfaction. This can often be where communication breaks down and challenges are not handled or mishandled. That is not the case with Terri. She can work through whatever the challenge is, and bring a positive result for all. All this, and she keeps smiling!

Terri is interested in the needs of her tenants and property owners. She is available and not difficult to communicate with. Terriā€™s training and experience in this industry clearly gives her the professional advantage.

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